Financial Coaching

The journey to Financial Independence can be quite daunting. But its not an impossible journey. With dedication and effort we can all get there. The skills you need, can be learnt and are transferrable. And the best bit, the internet makes them available freely for anyone who needs them. Infact this blog is an attempt at doing exactly that passing on the skills to get to FI to you.

So if all the skill are available for free why Financial Coaching?

Its simple. Time is money. Even more so when it comes to building a compounding machine.  The faster you start the better it is for you in the long term. And when your starting out it can all feel very overwhelming. Where do you start from. Are you making the right choices. What should be your way forward. Like i said daunting. Infact wondering if your absolutely crazy fro even imagingin a life of FI is a task at the start. Hence the need of financial coaching.

The objective is to asses your as is situation. Look at your aspirations and needs and then make a short and long term plan. This is not a one size fits all. Your needs, dreams and aspirations may be very different from someone elses. Hell im sure theyll be very different from mine. But the common thread here is being able to get to the Goal of Financial Independence. And finding ways and means of getting you to your Goal.

Secondly even if youve started on your Journey to FI, you can benefit from a financial coach. He can look at your game plan and suggest ways to optimise it. Or even reassure you that your on the right path. That reassurance can be the difference between confidently marching forawrd, and constanlty overthingking your every step.

Want to bounce some of your ideas on how to get to FI?. Want to see check if your numbers all add up?. Where can you control expenses?

Talk to someone whos struggled with these concepts and ideas just as you are. Discuss your ideas, optimise your plans and take those first steps towards FI.

Lets start of with an initial chat to find a comfort level. Send me your details down below.