Old electricity meter

How to hack your electricity bill by over 50% (India)

Marginal gains add up and this is the story of how we hacked our electricity bill by over 50%. The first thing you need to do is measure. We were averaging a bill of 1100 INR a month regardless of the season. In the summers this used to spike even more. Weve gotten it down to under 500 INR the last few months. So here are the things we did that helped us put our electricity consumption on a massive diet.

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Measure money manage money. Measure not, Manage not.

If someone asks you the question what’s your savings rate do you have an answer? What if someone asked you what your fixed monthly expenses are? OR if someone asked you what your net worth is? A simple rule we learnt in management is you can’t manage what you don’t measure. The same rule applies to our finances as well. So what to do you start measuring and how do you go about it?

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