Aiery ES 34 BLDC fan with 1400 mm Sweep

Aeiry BLDC Ceiling Fan, Technology can save you money.

Readers of past articles will know that I am a great proponent of BLDC fans. In fact it’s one of my top recommendations to cut your electricity bill. So imagine my surprise when i found out that  there was a manufacturer of BLDC fans right in our little slice of Heaven Goa. Introducing Aeiry BLDC Ceiling fans being manufactured in Cuncolim Goa. So of course i had to buy and test them out and share the results with all of you my readers. So i purchased the Aeiry ES27 and the ES 34 in the 1200mm or the 1400mm sweep sizes

The buying process

So first things first, how do you buy well, Aeiry currently does not have a B2C website. The website has the contact details of their sales team and a brochure of their fans. The team is ultra responsive and will help you pick out the best product from their line up. They also have some funky colors and wood finishes for you to pick from

The Product  Range 

So what does the product range include? Well Aeiry is currently offering only ceiling fans. With 4 models:

  1. ES 47 (non BLDC in plain gloss finish, needs a regulator)
  2. ES 27 (BLDC fan with remote, no regulator required, plain gloss paint finish, available in colours)
  3. ES 27 Deco (BLDC fan with remote, no regulator required, gloss paint finish, available in colours with gold and silver coloured inserts)
  4. ES27 Atomwood ( BLDC fan with remote, no regulator required, wood finish paint and anti dust coating, available in colours)

Fan size and Sweep

In terms of size of fans sweep size varies from 900mm to 1400 mm and with different airflow rates (calculated in cubic meters per minute or CMM). You pick the fan size  based on the size of the room you are looking to install it in. In fact the website and their brochure has a handy guide to help you match the right fan to your room size. 

Aeiry ES 34 in opal white 1400 mm sweep


Pricing starts from around 1600 for the 2 star non BLDC fan to about 4100 for the 5 star BLDC in atomwood finish.  As you can see this is clearly at a discount from the larger brands available in the market, reducing your payback period even more

What comes in the box?

The fan comes in 2 boxes which have everything  you need to be up and running with a BLDC fan the first box contains:

  1. Main fan Unit
  2. A downrod
  3. Shackle kit to mount the fan on the hook
  4. Top and bottom covers for the downrod for aesthetics
  5. Fan remote
  6. 2 batteries required for the remote

The second box contains a set of 3 fan blades in the color you have picked

Product Design and Build Quality

Aeiry ES 34 fan unit with accessories. L-R: Shackle Kit, my keys , Warranty Card, Fan down rod

In terms of design the fans come in 3 major models. With the base model, followed by this model and finally the wood finish models. Besides the cosmetics, the wood finish models have an anti dust coating. This translates into cleaning required at a lower frequency. If you are like me and detest having to bring out the ladder and clean the fans, this might be worth the premium pricing to you. The fans have a sleek clean curved profile that I love. In fact, compared to my 3 year old Atomberg Efficio which looked quite industrial, I was pleasantly surprised.  A simple clean minimalist, polished design. No LEDs or anything on the fan. The fan motor unit itself seems robustly built from high quality materials and put together beautifully. The fan blades are a lightweight tapered design, for better airflow and lower drag.

The Remote Control

Aeiry Fan remote

All the Aeiry BLDC range come with their own remote. Some interesting things. You can pair one remote with multiple fans. So if you have multiple fans in the same room all can be turned on and off at one click. Secondly you don’t really need to point the remote to the fan, as long as it’s in the room, direct line of sight doesn’t seem to be critical. No more fumbling in the middle of the night trying to aim the remote at the fan in your sleep. The remotes are a sleek design in white. They also come with advanced features usually seen on air conditioners such as timers and an eco mode.

Power Consumption, Power Saving

In terms of power consumption the fans consume around 27 Watts of power for sweeps upto 1200 and 34 watts at peak power output for the full blooded 1400 mm aiery fan. The BLDC range of fans has a 5 star rating as certified by BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency) in India. This means tons of power saving if you are upgrading from the older 100 Watt fans. Plus if you run it at lower speeds (I usually run the fans on a speed setting of 2 of 5) your consumption can be as low as 6 watts. Also for the BLDC fans you do not require a regulator, as the fan remote itself is used for speed control. Which translates into even more energy savings.

After Sales Service

This was one department that I was really apprehensive about buying these fans. At the end of the day all of us do end up trusting established brands considering they will back the product. But imagine my surprises, when I had an issue with one of the fans I had purchased, the team at Aeiry was with me every step of the way. They helped me try and troubleshoot the reason for the issue, took me through a step by step process, and when that did not work, replaced the fan for a new one. 100/100 for great customer service.

Final Verdict

Aeiry Es 34 1400 mm sweep

I love the Aeiry ES 27 and the ES 34 This is a wonderful product made in our little Goa. I congratulate the Aeiry team  and would recommend this fan to all I know. Also hats off to the team for the wonderful customer support and looking forward to many more awesome products from you in the future.

Keep Saving , Keep growing


P.s in case you are wondering what is the payback period, from my experience with my previous atomberg efficio, and considering the low electricity prices in Goa, i would say a payback period of 3 years would be reasonable 


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