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Dear Reader. Welcome to the Poixe blog.

Poixe is a word used to reference money in my mother tongue of Konkani. Being from Goa ( We live here) we wanted something that would connect us to our roots. And this blog’s going to be about that.  Goa our roots and money.

Most of my life has been a struggle with questions. From the time I can remember I’ve been the curious types who want to find solutions to everything. I’ve led most of my life as it comes and had some really decent breaks. Most people would consider me intelligent but thats not how I’ve lived the first 3/4 my life. Entitled would be a word I would associate with it looking back.

For a period, I was blessed with an extremely high paying job (for that time and phase in life) and all I did was squander away the money into some money pits. But the frustrations and the stress of that job caught up to me and there was a point that I had to quit. By now I had acquired some fancy tastes that required a serious outlay of money from my end. Including an expensive as hell to maintain unreliable car, a penchant for paying for everything, and eating out as often as possible. With marriage staring me in the face I was under immense pressure to do something with my life (especially finances). That’s when I seriously started considering what I needed to do to get my shit together so to speak.

Its been about 2 years since then and my financial life is transformed. From running a net loss P&L to bringing it back to a profit each year gig in just a year has given me a tremendous amount of satisfaction. That too on nearly half the income. A major contributor and support to this has been my wife. She’s put up with my shenanigans adjusted to our changed lifestyle and owned it.  None of this would have been possible without her emotional, mental, physical and financial support. Someday I hope to convince her to write some stuff for this blog as to how she manages our home on the budget she does. This blog will chronicle this journey of ours. Today im 32. The Goal is over the next year to get some passive income streams up and running and by 35 have at least 50 percent of our annual expense coming in from sources other than my day job.

The end Goal is to reach FI in the next five years. On the way I hope to document that journey of ours. Explain our investment philosophy. Stop you from jumping into the pitfalls that we fell into and helping you optimise your finances.

This blog is split into 3 main sections you can click on the links to go directly to those sections

  1. Every post ever: This is a running list of every post made on this blog. If you want to browse through and read everything this is where you should head
  2. Money Education Series: This is a series that explains financial concepts that we should have learned in school/ college or life. Breaking them down into simpler easy to understand concepts. Includes stuff from the basics ( income, saving, expenses) to slightly more involved subjects ( taxation, investing )
  3. Financial Coaching: The message of this blog resonates with you. You want to acheive FI, but youd like a second opinion about your plan?. You can get in touch with me and well have a look at your questions together. If you’d like a physical meeting I am based around Panjim in Goa. Else the worlds a small place we can manage this over email or calls. Drop me a message

Finally last but not least, this blog was started for me to learn as much as preach. So please leave yoru comments/ stories/ experiences in the comments sections. I believe that toegther we are much stronger than alone. I would love to learn from your experience as much as you can learn from mine.

Thank you for Joining us here.

I hope this blog helps you find somewhat of a roadmap to what you want to do in life and get going on your journey as well. It will be focussed on acheiving financial independence in India

Thanks Again and if you have any questions/comments please feel to post them here.


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4 responses to “Start Here- Financial Independece in India”

  1. Tushar Dessai Avatar
    Tushar Dessai

    Iam following and learning all the way, good luck to us both. And may I say, nicely written and very unique 🙂

    1. Poixe-kar Avatar

      Thanks a ton Tushar. its been quite a journey for me as well. Please do share your experiences so that i and everyone else can learn form them. Cheers

  2. Alisha Jose Avatar
    Alisha Jose

    Excited for this journey. The best thing God called us to be is good stewards to what He has given us. Finance is all about good stewardship. It’s nice that you are covering this area. God bless!

    1. Poixe-kar Avatar

      Thanks a ton Alisha. God bless you too!

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